Don’t be left in the dark during severe weather

Dec 15, 2011

Sounds from the A&M-Commerce ThorGuard Warning System may have left some citizens confused as to the type of warning on Thursday morning.

With severe weather still a threat in 2011, residents are urged to become familiar with their community’s emergency alert systems, if available.

In Commerce, ThorGuard is an outdoor warning system that alerts community members when there is a 20 percent chance of a lightning strike within two miles of campus. Whenever the system detects the likelihood of lightning, it will sound a 'Red Alert'. This is an air horn blast that is 15 seconds in length. When conditions are deemed safe by ThorGuard, the 'All Clear' will sound. The All Clear consists of three air horn blasts of five second lengths.

The outdoor warning system was installed to alert citizens of Commerce and the campus community when a severe weather warning such as Tornado, 70 mph or greater winds, or golf ball sized hail. It is manually activated by either the University Police, or Commerce Police. Its warning sound is a loud siren sound. The outdoor warning system does not have an all clear signal.  

Above, listen to former KETR Intern Tim Davis as he explains the difference in warning sounds in Commerce.

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