Drought may prompt fireworks ban

Hunt County, Rains County – Drought conditions have some counties in the area considering bans on certain fireworks this New Year. Hunt County Fire Marshall Dorsey Driggers said aerial fireworks are a good way to start a grass fire that could result in tragedy. Driggers is considering an outright ban on such aerial fireworks such as bottle rockets and roman candles in the unincorporated areas of the county.

State law allows the county to prohibit the use of all aerial fireworks but not fire crackers and other devices. Driggers said he would be checking with the local fire departments before making a recommendation to the county judge.

The sale and discharge of some aerial fireworks has been banned by county commissioners in Rains County. Restricted fireworks are described as skyrockets with sticks and missiles with fins . Permitted fireworks are common small fireworks and large firework devices designed to produce visible or audible effects by combustion.

The continuing drought has conditions ripe for the smallest of sparks to cause fire. Burn bans are still in effect for the region and fire officials are urging everyone to be careful and aware this holiday.