Drug dog acquisition continues in Commerce

Commerce – An agreement between the Commerce ISD and the City of Commerce to work together to bring drug dog services to the schools and city could be in full operation by December. City Manager Bill Shipp said the down payment for the dog has already been paid, and a fully trained team could be servicing the city and schools as early as December 1st, which is quicker than expectations.

The Commerce ISD entered an agreement with the City of Commerce last month to fund the start-up costs for the program, while the City will provide the officer and care for the animal. Initially, the school system will see the same cost as current contracts with drug dog providers, but should see a major decrease once the animal is paid for and the officer trained.

Shipp has described the situation as a rare win-win for the city and schools, where the schools will potentially see better service at a greatly reduced price and the city will have the services of a drug dog, which will also serve as a search and rescue or tracking animal.