Drug house raided in Ladonia

Ladonia – A drug house in Ladonia has been raided for the fourth time since September, with the same results. Officers confiscated crack cocaine and marijuana and detained 10 people, arresting three of them. Small children were also present in the house, with one small boy there for the second time during such a raid.

The legal owner of the property died 10 years ago, and squatters have made the house a high traffic drug house since then.

The Fannin County Sheriff's office also made another stop while they were in town at a different house know for trafficking drugs, resulting in two arrests.

Officials are trying to seize another lot in the same area of town that has had past drug activity associated with it. They would like to turn the property over to the City of Ladonia, providing the city will remove a dilapidated trailer and install playground equipment that offers a safe area for local children.

Also, any drug offense within 1,000 yards of a playground can bring enhanced sentencing.