Emergency Warning system nearing completion in Commerce

Commerce – A new emergency siren warning system is in place in Commerce and likely will begin testing soon. The system is a joint effort between A&M-Commerce and the City of Commerce to provide emergency warning coverage for the entire city. Commerce City Manager Bill Shipp said testing of the system should be soon.

SHIPP:We didn't have a meter on the one over at the North Neal practice field. That was the only delay that I know of. Electricity is connected to all of them. That is all set up. So as soon as, and I don't know exactly the status of that right now, but as soon as that metering is completed over there at the North Neal practice field, they'll be ready to start testing; so I anticipate that will happen fairly quickly.

Four sirens are placed throughout Commerce. The primary controls for the emergency warning system are located on the A&M-Commerce campus, with secondary controls at the Commerce Police Department.