Error leaves people without electricity

Jun 4, 2013

A glitch associated with the switch over to summer rates left some “pay as you go” customers of the local electric utility system without power.

Officials with GEUS issued a statement Monday, indicating that the utility’s emPOWER Pre-Pay billing system experienced a glitch during the past weekend which caused some customers to be disconnected prematurely.

Customers of the GEUS emPOWER program purchase an emPOWER card, in a dollar amount they choose. At their home, the customer swipes the card in the unit supplied by GEUS to turn on or maintain electricity to the residence. GEUS officials explained emPOWER customers on average add approximately $19 to their card each week.

On May 28, GEUS entered a rate change to emPOWER software to switch to the utility’s summer rate schedule which became effective Saturday. GEUS Customer Service realized the software did not properly accept the rate change and corrected the error the next day.

However, GEUS officials said those customers who added money to their card on May 28-29 may have experienced problems this past weekend.

“Only emPOWER customers that revalued during these two days would have been affected,” said GEUS Consumer Services Manager Jimmy Dickey. “All revalues after that point were accurate. GEUS records document all emPOWER transactions & credits will be issued to anyone billed incorrectly.