Establishing an identity: Dr. Dan Jones

Commerce – Identity was one of the several topics Dr. Jones touched on during last Thursday's faculty and professional staff meeting. Jones says A&M-Commerce needs to communicate with as many as possible to get the best results.

''We have to talk first to those whom we serve, and have served, during out 119-year history: our students, current and perspective, as well as our alumni,'' says Jones.

''They know well who we are as a university, and have good ideas about what we might do even better.''

Dr. Jones also addressed speaking with another very important group of stakeholders: the citizens and taxpayers of the State of Texas.

''There are never enough public resources to do all that we citizens would like to see done. In the light of that limiting reality, we want to ensure - in fact, as taxpayers, we demand - that the resources we have entrusted to our public agencies, including all 101 public institutions of post-secondary education on the State of Texas, are used well, and to good end,'' says Jones.

''To put it bluntly: we want results, and we want 'you in higher education' to show us those results in ways that we can easily understand what is being done with our money.''

Jones said that if he were to ask the University's 9,000 current students and its 60,000 living alumni what the institution is all about, he may well get 69,000 different answers.

"I assure you that there will be a common thread running through them all: this is the institution that transformed my life. It is the university that gave me the knowledge I needed to change the course of history for myself, my family, my world."

KETR will address the Dr. Jones' plans to achieve those results beginning Tuesday.

Dr. Jones complete address to A&M-Commerce faculty and staff is available under our podcasts link, which can be accessed on our homepage.