Fertilizer facility application withdrawn

Sep 26, 2013

A request before the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, seeking a permit to place a fertilizer mixing facility near downtown Greenville, has been dropped.

“The applicant sent an email to us ... saying they want to withdraw their application,” TCEQ spokesperson Andrea Morrow said Wednesday. “It is effectively pulled.”

Morrow said the agency would be sending out a letter to all of the effected parties who had asked about the proposal, which would include Greenville City Attorney Daniel W. Ray.

Ray had asked the TCEQ for a public hearing about the plan to add the mixing facility to a fertilizer storage plant on the property at 3001 Bois D’arc Street.

Joey Rice, manager of Martinek Grain, has said the process being sought results in an extremely safe liquid fertilizer which would be stored at the site.

A notice of the application for an air quality permit with the TCEQ was published in the August 29 Herald-Banner. Mears Fertilizer of El Dorado, Kans. was wanting to construct a “portable polyphosphate blender” on the property, which was expected to emit tiny amounts of anhydrous ammonia and fluorides, including hydrogen fluoride.

The materials will be mixed in the blender and would create the liquid fertilizer which would be stored in three silos on the property.