Flu-related illness lead to high absenteeism

– Absenteeism at Commerce ISD is up significantly, with the district reporting this week 177 students out the last two days due to flu-related illness.

The figure is approximately 11 percent of total enrollment. School closure is not a consideration until absenteeism reaches at least 15 percent, according to the district. Letters have been sent to parents to inform them of the issue and provide tips for keeping their children safe.

Attendance is also down at Greenville ISD, nearly 4-5 percent lower than normal.

It's a similar story across the region, as today marks for the second time in as many days that the Chisum ISD in Paris will be closed due to excessive illness.

Earlier this month, North Hopkins ISD closed all its campuses due to an increase in absenteeism and to help reduce the spread of the seasonal flu.

Few area schools have had any confirmed cases of H1N1 with its students. Last week, however, reports surfaced of a possible case of swine flu in a Caddo Mills student. Earlier this month, a student at Sulphur Springs ISD was confirmed to have the virus, but was expected to make a full recovery.