Former city leader vows to return to council

Commerce – The City of Commerce welcomed some familiar faces to the City Council Tuesday, as Place 3 Incumbent Richard Hill and former councilman and mayor John Sands took their oaths of office. Hill was reelected Saturday, while Sands fills the vacancy left by Tony Henry.

Henry, who served on council since 2007, tells KETR he won't be free of politics for long.

"I'm just taking a nap. I'm not going to sleep."

Henry says he plans to run for mayor next spring, when current Mayor Quay Throgmorton's position expires.

Reflecting on his two terms on council, Henry says he appreciates the differences of all council members and their ability to move forward on several projects. While there's been a lot of public negativity concerning city business as of late, he feels the positive aspect has been vast as well.

Henry exits on the heels of a recent recommendation he made that the city form a facilities task force to explore the public's interest in a multi-purpose facility, consisting of a recreational center, library and pool. The task force, which consists of 12 community members, will hold their first meeting on May 26.