Former City Manager settlement details released

Royse City – A settlement agreement between The City of Royse City and former City Manager Karen Philippi is ordered to be released to the public.

The Greenville Herald-Banner had filed a Freedom of Information (FOI) request earlier this year seeking details of the February 17 agreement. Philippi's employment ended on August 12 amid the city's major budget shortfall. The reason for the shortfall is defined in the document as error. Philippi was never charged with fraud.

The total monetary amount paid to Philippi totaled over $101,000, not including the value of her benefits package.

Compensation to Philippi following the settlement was $43,000. In the settlement, Philippi agreed to provide background information in matters that involved her tenure, cooperate with the city in any legal proceedings taken during her time as city manager, plus a non-disclosure agreement pertaining to any confidential information regarding city business.