Four boxcars derailed in Commerce

Jun 2, 2014

A partial train derailment in Commerce on June 1 resulted in four boxcars leaving the track, according to a Commerce Journal report.

Four boxcars were unhinged from a train behind the former Covidien building and came off the tracks between Knight and Sycamore Streets, police chief Kerry Crews told the Commerce Journal.

“From what I can determine, apparently someone unhooked four boxcars from the rest of the train,” Crews said. “They rolled eastbound along the tracks.”

Four boxcars were derailed after being unhinged from a train between Knight and Sycamore Streets in Commerce.
Credit provided image

A safety device that intentionally derails wayward boxcars kept the cars from continuing to roll down the tracks, Crews said.

Commerce police are investigating the incident, the report said.