Four day work week debate continues

Hunt County – The Hunt County Commissioners Court Monday again discussed the possibility of implementing a four day work week for county employees.

The idea has recently been tossed around as governments and other entities look for alternative ways to conserve money because of the rising cost of fuel and other increasing expenses.

On Monday, the court reviewed the results of a questionnaire recently provided by the office of County Judge John Horn. The survey was given to all department heads and elected officials.

''By in large, I think most people were in favor of it,'' says Horn.

''It's just getting down to some of the micro details in terms of how to adapt to the various needs; not just within the courthouse, but from people that are out in the working community and how they can adapt their businesses to a changing work schedule within.''

Several questions, however, were still posed by commissioners as to the feasibility of the project.

Precinct 1 County Commissioner Kenneth Thornton will now head a committee to research the costs and benefits of a four day work week. Surveys will be sent out to individuals and pose questions relating to some of the smaller more detailed questions in terms of what a four day work week mean to vacation time and the pros and cons of a flex schedule as opposed to a four day work week.

''We have to do something,'' says Horn. ''We need to be as conservative with tax payer's dollars as we possibly can, and if there's areas where we can cut losses like this especially with these rising fuel costs then we need to do it.''

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