Gas pumps found out of compliance

Hunt County – Some more Hunt County gas pumps have been found to be non-compliant. Pumps at Discount Gas, Tobacco and Beverages in Greenville were cited during recent inspections, according to a report issued by the Texas Department of Agriculture.

It was the first time since last October that the pumps at any stations in the county were found to be non-compliant. The office of Agriculture Commissioner Todd Staples said the dispensers were found to be giving customers a "short measure in excess of tolerance", while others were discovered to "not hold zero," meaning pumps would not get all the fuel indicated on the device display and the device did not begin the transaction at $0.00 and zero gallons.

The multi-product dispensers at the K Food Mart in Caddo Mills were also found to be non-compliant. The (TDA) has 72 weights and measures inspectors throughout the state, checking more than 65,000 pumps per year.

An inspector will place an "out of order" tag on any pumps not dispensing the correct amount of fuel within an allowable tolerance set by the agency.

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