GEUS rates to increase this month

Greenville – In a recent statement, the Greenville Electric Utility System has indicated customers will incur a slight increase in service as of this month.

The Utility's Fuel Adjustment Charge\\Power Cost Recovery Factor (FAC\\PCRF) will be raised by slightly to 3.484 cents\\kWh, up from 2.5 cents for all commercial and residential bills.

The price is still far less than last summer's peak of 7.426 cents when the cost of natural gas reached record highs.

The increase is a pass-through charge based on GEUS' actual cost to generate or purchase power. GEUS' access to the Texas Municipal Power Agency's (TMPA) Gibbons Creek coal-fired generation has moderated the community's cost as natural gas has been very volatile over recent years.

This increase became necessary due to GEUS' share of increased TMPA fixed costs for 2010.