GISD adds two colors to dress code

Jun 11, 2014

Greenville High School student Katie McMurray models one of the inventive costumes.
Credit Joseph Hamrick / Greenville Herald-Banner

Greenville Independent School District students will now have two extra colors to choose from beginning this fall.

The GISD School Board of Trustees approved solid navy and grey shirts and navy pants to the roster of colors to choose from during the Tuesday meeting.

Shirt colors now include red, white, black, navy and grey, and pants include khaki, black and navy to the repertoire of colors available.

According to District 6 Trustee Slack Brown, this is not a relaxation of the current dress code in place.

“That was highly needed, still needed, and we won’t back up on it,” he said.

The decision to add the new colors stemmed from parents not being able to find clothes in the current colors in Greenville.

It was reinforced by District 2 Trustee Trena Stafford, who said finding clothes for her children was time consuming.

“As a parent it was a pain to find clothes in Greenville,” she said. “I would be thrilled to open it up to more options.”

Olivia Mexia, a parent at GISD, said although adding two new colors is good, she would like to see an increase in colors that still keeps in line with the dress code.

“I think we need to expand it,” she said. “I think we need to add all colors of polos.”

GISD Superintendent Don Jefferies said the behavior of students and the environment has improved since the dress code was implemented.

“I think it’s done a lot of things to help with the school environment,” he said. “It makes it a lot easier to manage.”

Jefferies said he came to this recommendation after holding several meetings with principals and members of the local Parent Teacher Associations.

“It was time to add two new colors.”