GISD approves draft of drug testing policy

Greenville – The Greenville School Board of Trustees has given its consent to draft a drug testing policy for students.

The board discussed a number of items relating to the drug tests during its meeting Tuesday, including which students will be tested, what kinds of drugs will be tested for, how often testing will occur, who will conduct the testing, and the location of the testing.

If approved, the policy would cover four categories: Those participating in extracurricular activities and school sponsored events, drivers, and those that have been volunteered by their parents. The proposed testing would apply to student's grades 7-12.

Random testing could be conducted as many as five times throughout the school year. Students testing positive would be subject to a suspension of seven days for the first offense, 30 days for a second and one year for a third.

While there have been no events which have necessitated the need for a drug policy, administrators would like to have a mechanism in place to identify problem areas. The district currently does not have a policy in place regarding drug testing. However, athletes are subject to UIL drug testing policies.

Last fall, the Rains ISD elected to pursue a drug testing policy for its students.