Good budget news from Commerce ISD

Commerce –

The Commerce ISD School Board passed their budget for the next fiscal year in regular session earlier this week. It was good news, as final tax numbers came in above estimates used to draft the budget and there was no change in the tax rate for Commerce citizens.

The school board was also able to make some positive additions for the schools within the budget. Some positions that had to be cut last year for financial reasons have been reinstated. Teachers have been given a 3% increase in pay. And a new science teacher has been added at the high school. Those changes as well as bolstering some of the district's reserves were passed with the budget.

Commerce School Board Trustee Willie Blow said he was happy to be able to make positive additions for the district without having to touch the tax rate.

While this year's budget was a positive for the district, tension still remains as the state legislature adjourns from special session today with no school funding plan in place.