Goose-alini doing well at the goose hospital

Goose-alini is doing well at the Animal Medical Center in Greenville, but doctors are unsure if they will be able to fix the problem. Good news is, the issue isn't hurting her in any way.


We learned that Goose-alini is doing fine at the Animal Medical center in Greenville. They let her out daily to roam around a bit, on a special goose-harness leash-type thing. She visits the other animals around the hospital, offers up encouraging words (or honks, rather) of support, then waddles back to her pen and seems entirely content.

The doctors are not sure they will be able to fix the problem, however. They will attempt to stitch up the area and see if the ruptured air sac will go back to normal.

If that doesn't work, she will likely be put back at home as she is. The issue is not harming her in any significant way, its just icky to look at.

It should be about another week before Goose-alini is back on the shores of Gee Lake terrorizing the local population with her fiecely territorial ways and protecting her flock of ducks.


What we thought was a tumor on Goose-alini's neck that had been growing for some time was not a tumor. The fine folks at the Animal Medical Center in Greenville offered to take a look at dear ole goosey.

Over the weekend we learned two things. One, Goose-alini's expanded chest was the result of a ruptured air sac and not a tumor. Second, the goose is really a goose and not a gander.

With the efficient help of our A&M-Commece allies, Goose-alini was rounded up on only the second try and was transported to the "shop".

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Well it appears our beloved Goose-alini is NOT "tumored up" after all. Also, while we made the assumption that Goosey was a "he" (but made no claims to know for sure!) it turns out the goose is not a gander after all.

And SHE is doing just fine right now at the Animal Medical Center in Greenville. The growth on the neck is a ruptured air sack. Likely due to some type of trauma. Doctors cut it to let it deflate some, but it is filling up again, so they will try something else. They may put a type of stint in to help alleviate the issue.

Otherwise, she is doing just fine. She is being very nice to the folks at the center (not charging and attacking like she does when protecting the flock of fowl here at Gee Lake) and she is eating well. A few more days and, hopefully, she'll be back at home good as new.


We have some more pictures to show of Goose-alini's capture (although that is a really harsh word to use since we're just trying to help the ornery old goose!). He was rather upset about the whole thing, but hey...he's going to be MUCH better off for it. I mean...LOOK at that thing on his neck!

The mad goose has been shipped off to the Animal Medical Center in Greenville, thanks to help here on the A&M-Commerce campus from some of our great building attendants and maintenance personnel.

We're anxiously awaiting word on Goose-alini's prognosis. Check back...we'll let you know as soon as we do. Until then, here's some more pictures.

The hunt is on in the early morning hours...for the tumored-up goose know affectionately as "Goose-alini"....because he's a tyrant.

Wow. Seriously...that thing has to hurt.

Richard from Maintenance is the hero of the day, finally capturing Goose-alini so he can be sent to the shop and get fixed. Here, he continues to stalk the goose, trying to get close enough to get a handful of down...but Goose-alini remembers Richard from previous capture attempts, and wobbles away, eventually jumping into Gee Lake.

But donuts prove to be the downfall of the goose, as bribery is alive and well in the animal kingdom. Shortly after this picture, Richard nabbed Goose-alini and got him caged up for the trip to Greenville and a healthier life.

I'VE BEEN FRAMED! Goose-alini honked as he bristled with contempt for his current circumstance. Cheer up, pal, you're going to be happy about it eventually. Maybe. (I bet he still attacks me.)

Goose-alini's friends heed his call for help, but alas, there is nothing they can do to free him from the cage. So they looked for food. Geese do that.

Here's some Goose-alini pictures during his/her last day of freedom.

Here's Goose-alini swimming along in Gee Lake with one of his pals. The profile of that tumor is a little scary, to be honest.

Still playing water games in the spring-like weather. Geese like that.

How does he not just sink like a rock with that thing on his neck? I mean,'s freakin' HUGE.

Just in case you were thinking "Hey, Geese just have big chests like that. It isn't a tumor, genius." Here is Goose-alini swimming along with a friend. Either his buddy was born a Goose freak, has been forgetting to hit the Goose gym, or Governor Ah-nald was wrong, and yes, indeed, it IS a tumor.