Grand jury scheduled to meet

Apr 21, 2014

The current edition of the Hunt County grand jury is scheduled to meet again this week.

An alleged murder in Caddo Mills in February may be one of the cases reviewed by the panel when it convenes Friday for the fourth session of its six month term, during which local prosecutors have been presenting evidence in felony cases for consideration by the 196th District Court.

The grand jury meets monthly through June and has issued 182 indictments so far, including 40 charges during its March session.

The specifics of the cases which are presented to the grand jury are kept confidential until such time as the panel decides whether or not to issue indictments.

But the panel may be looking into a February 14 shooting death in Caddo Mills.

Joshua Madison Newkirk is currently free on $500,000 bond, charged with one count of murder in the death of Joshua Edmund Gerber. Newkirk allegedly shot Gerber following an altercation at a residence on Farr Street in Caddo Mills.

The grand jury can either issue indictments — or “true bills” — or determine its investigation did not find sufficient evidence to issue an indictment, in which case a “no bill” is issued.

The indictments are issued open and made public, or are issued sealed if the subject named in the indictment has yet to be arrested and arraigned on the pending charge.