Grant denied for Wesley Street improvements

Greenville – The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) has notified the City of Greenville that funding was not received for a grant to improve safety along Wesley Street.

The Grant, applied for by TxDot through the 2010 Federal Hazard Elimination Program, had proposed an access control project that would have included construction of a concrete curbed raised median along Wesley Street, from Interstate 30 to Joe Ramsey Blvd. It would have included left-turn bays at all city streets.

This project was originally developed to reduce hazards to life and property for Greenville residents and improve traffic flow by minimizing congestion.

The City of Greenville, in a release issued Monday, says traffic congestion along Wesley Street still needs addressed they'll work closely with TxDOT to identify a project that will reduce congestion and improve safety.

TxDOT has indicated to the City that they will continue studying the corridor for viable safety and congestion improvements to bring to the public for consensus and eventual submission on future transportation safety program calls.

Traffic congestion along Wesley has steadily increased in the past few years resulting in an increase in vehicle accidents. In addition to the congestion along Wesley, the left-turn lane and an excessive number of access points along the roadway, creates potentially hazardous conditions for motorists and reduces the capacity of lanes to safely carry and maneuver traffic.