Grant writers recognized at CISD meeting

Commerce – The Commerce School Board Monday recognized those responsible for helping the district earn a number of instructional grant awards.

Dozens of administrators and citizens were on hand, as Executive Director of Curriculum and Personnel Danna Meyers thanked Commerce alumni, instructors and the Educational Enrichment Foundation for their help in obtaining the grants.

All four of the district's campuses received at least one grant, and each instructor who wrote a grant was awarded one. In total, just under $25,000 was awarded to CISD.

Both A.C. Williams and Commerce Elementary are recipients of the "Jazz Centers, From Africa to iPod" grant for elementary music. The grant is worth $3,043.12. The project was chaired by Angela Neal.

A.C. Williams received two other grants as well. For 4th grade, $8,500 is awarded to the "Austin: Traveling the Texas Timeline (Nov '09)" project. Chairing the project was Julie McLeroy. For 3rd grade, $763.60 is awarded to "CHARTing Across Reading," a project chaired by Cadi Collins.

The Commerce Middle School was the recipient of three grants, two for math and one for business/keyboarding. Chairing the project "Improving Class Interaction and Math Comprehension Through Technology" was Mardi Leist. The project brings in $4,215.40. Celia Reid, Nicole Timmons and Bob Pugh all chaired the project "Improving Participation in Mathematical Problem Solving Through Technology," which brings in $1,200.00. CHS also receives $1,610.10 for the project "Current Technology Plays a Major Role in Learning." Sarah Sheely Jones chaired the project.

The Commerce High School receives two grants. "Engaging Students the Smart Board Way" and "Water Runs the World" will receive $5,187.06 and $3,043.12, respectively. Chairing the projects were Stephanie Critclow and Travis Millsap, and Susan Erwin. Both projects will benefit science initiatives.