Greenvile City Council lists goals

Greenville – The Greenville City Council has listed a lower property tax rate as their top priority for upcoming budget talks. The current $42 million budget for Greenville included the second small property tax reduction in two years. Preliminary tax rolls show that Greenville could see nearly $30 million more in appraised value, but City Manager Karen Daly said the city is still preparing for a lean budget year.
The second highest priority for the Council, when asked to list their goals for the upcoming year, was the crime rate in Greenville. Major crimes in Greenville last year were among the lowest rates in 10 year, but the Council felt it could be even better and safer for the citizens.
The continued revitalization of downtown and North Greenville was next on the list, with creating a quality environment for city staff, dealing with aging infrastructure, and encouraging growth through quality development also prioritized.