Greenville accident fatal for New Hampshire man

Greenville – A New Hampshire man was killed and his wife inured in a roll-over accident near Greenville yesterday. 65 year old Gary Bowen was traveling east along Interstate 30 around 10am yesterday when the GMC truck with loaded trailer he was driving apparently clipped an 18-wheeler. The truck and trailer both flipped and landed upside down about a mile south of Wesley Street in Greenville. Bowen's wife, 57 year old Marilyn, was flown by helicopter to Parkland Hospital in Dallas and is listed in stable condition. Bowen was killed in the accident.

State Troopers were interviewing witnesses at the scene to determine if Bowen or the 18-wheeler was responsible for the collision causing the accident.

Gary Bowen was reportedly not wearing a seatbelt at the time of the accident. Marilyn Bowen, however, was wearing her seatbelt.