Greenville ISD approves drug testing policy

Greenville – The Greenville School Board Tuesday gave the go-ahead to randomly test students for drugs, following review of the policy's second draft.

The policy will cover four categories of students in grades 7-12: Those participating in extracurricular and school-sponsored events, drivers, and those that have been volunteered by their parents.

Greenville parents will receive a copy of the policy and an educational packet, and are required to sign a form in order for the student to participate in any program or event.

Random testing will be conducted as many as five times throughout the school year. Each random testing date will include between 10 and 20 percent of eligible students.

A first offense warrants a suspension of the student from any extracurricular activity for seven days, and 30 days for a second offense. A third positive test will lead to a 365 day suspension.

On Monday, the Commerce School Board gave Superintendent Blake Cooper the authority to look into a possible drug testing policy for its students.