Greenville proposes to lower tax rate

Greenville – The Greenville City Council Tuesday was presented the proposed budget for the 2009-2010 fiscal year.

In an effort to sustain services to the public and work toward achieving the goals of the city council, City Manager Steven Alexander presented a proposed budget that lowers the tax rate and does not call for an increase in water or sewer rates.

Alexander explained that a number of budget reductions were required. In addition, no pay raises are planned for employees, other than those required under the civil service pay plan.

Alexander said, "While not funding salary increases for employees causes the City's pay plan to fall slightly behind from where the City was last year, when compared to market, the pay and benefits package offered by the City is still competitive. This allows us to retain a dedicated workforce that strives to deliver high quality and cost-effective service to our community."

Although the economic downturn has not affected Greenville as severely as it has in other communities, the City is not immune to the economic conditions facing the State and the Nation.

Alexander presented a $56 million budget for fiscal year 2009/2010, which would be funded by a property tax rate of 71 cents per $100 valuation, down from the current 72 cents. The property tax rate had been 76 cents per $100 valuation two years ago.

The City Council is scheduled to review the proposed budget in detail with city staff at a workshop on August 21, and to adopt the budget and tax rate on Sept. 22.