Greenville woman killed in Fannin County rampage

Fannin County – A Greenville woman was one of the victims of a shooting at a church in Fannin County yesterday. 50 year old Holly Love Brown was one of four people shot and killed in Sash when Freddie L. Crenshaw began his rampage.

Crenshaw lived across the street from the Sash Assembly of God church, and reportedly had gotten into an argument in the parking lot. He returned a short time later and shot 61 year old Wes Brown and the 42 year old pastor James Armstrong. He then drove to a nearby intersection, and began shooting at a truck hauling a horse trailer with Holly Brown and 46 year old Cerri Litterro inside. Both women were killed.

Crenshaw then returned home, shooting at a house and a cafe near the church along the way. He then kept police at bay in a nine hour stand-off, which ended with Crenshaw taking his own life.

A neighbor of Crenshaw said he had reported the man to police previously for shouting obscenities and shooting his gun in the air. He also said Crenshaw would leave nonsensical note on the cars of parishioners and shout obscenities at them as they left the church.

Holly Love Brown was a horse trainer living in Cash.