Join us all day Sunday as we air special programming from American Public Media for KETR's Power Pledge Day. A special episode of Prairie Home Companion with Garrison Keillor (right) is just one of the reasons to tune in to 88.9 KETR-FM this Sunday.


KETR Staff will be here all day answering phones and asking for support from you, the listener. Public Radio relies on the generous support of listeners in order to bring unique, quality programming to the air waves.

Over the past year, KETR has embarked on a mission to bring new programming to the Northeast Texas area. Now a National Public Radio and American Public Media affiliate, KETR can offer a wide variety of programs to the listener, as well as local news and features.

KETR is also on the cutting edge of technology, having just converted to High Definition digital transmission. Combined with technological improvements in the KETR studios, KETR is committed to bringing the public the highest quality signal and options available today.

But it isn't cheap! Now, a large part of KETR's annual budget is dedicated to bringing these programs to the public, and we need your support.

And we'll make it easy! You can pledge right now online just by hitting the 'Make a Pledge' button above, or tune in Sunday to enjoy the Power Pledge Day and call us up and speak to us in person. We even have a nice selection of Pledge Premiums to choose from.

Help KETR continue to bring a clear, unique option to the Northeast Texas airwaves. Show your support today!