Hall undecided on Marvin Nichols proposal

Jun 9, 2014

Van Zandt county retired businessman Bob Hall rode a wave of Tea Party support to defeat longtime state Senator Bob Deuell in a Republican Party primary runoff last month. Having won the GOP nomination, Hall is considered a safe bet to win the general election in November. 

Bob Hall
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Senate District 2 is in a unique position as far as the Marvin Nichols Reservoir is concerned. The District straddles the line between the two water-planning regions that are in conflict over Marvin Nichols. The western part of the district is in the North Texas planning region that wants the lake to be built. The eastern part is in the Northeast Texas planning region that doesn’t want the project. So, what does Bob Hall think about the Marvin Nichols proposal? In a recent interview, Hall said he’s still undecided whether he supports or opposes the project.