Hermine brings severe weather, tornadoes to region

Dallas – A series of weak tornadoes spawned by the remnants of Tropical Storm Hermine hit the Dallas area Wednesday night, injuring at least one person.

Tornado funnels touched down just southeast, east and north of downtown Dallas. Only single funnels were observed touching down at any one time in Dallas.

The twister slammed a tractor-trailer rig into a brick paint warehouse near Dallas Love Field, toppling the building onto the cab. The driver was alert and gave at least one interview before being taken to a hospital.

Part of a warehouse roof nearby also collapsed. No other damage or injuries were reported.

A tornado also skipped across a mostly rural area from near the town of Ferris to near Seagoville.

DPS says several minor traffic accidents were caused by slick roads, while some residents reported damage to structures and crops.

Initial reports indicate the hardest hit areas of Northeast Texas, including Hunt County, had received nearly four inches of rain within the last two days.