High TAKS scores means days off at Paris ISD

Paris – Some Paris ISD students will skip the last days of school next year while others get intensive academic help under a program known as the Optional Flexible Year program.

Students who pass the Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills (TAKS) will attend class for fewer days, essentially earning extra days of summer vacation.

Students who haven't passed will attend the full year and receive intensive help while the other students are off. Those still behind after the end of the school year will attend summer school.

Paris ISD plans to implement the program in grades 3 - 12.

The criteria for students to be eligible for the optional flexible year program are as follows:

Students in Grades 3-11: Passing TAKS scores based upon state standards.

Students in Grade 12: Passed all TAKS required for graduation and met all graduation requirements.

Paris ISD will give students who pass the Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills a shorter school year. Students will fall into three categories:

Students who pass the TAKS will get days off.

Students who fail any portion of TAKS will attend all days. The extra time will be used for additional intensive instruction.

Students who fail may still be required to attend summer school.

For more information about the Optional Flexible year program, contact Mark Hudson, Deputy Superintendent of Curriculum and Student Services, at 903-737-7473.