Hopkins County signs new deal to house inmates

Hopkins County – Hopkins County Commissioners agree to house inmates at yet another facility to control its jail population.

Officials will now use Rains County as a source for housing a surplus of inmates, in addition to Franklin and Titus County facilities.

As of Monday, five inmates were being housed in Rains County, according to Hopkins County Judge Cletus Millsap. Another 17 were in Franklin County at last report, but inmate's cases had been resolved and prisoner transport was pending. It costs the county $40 each day to house an inmate at another facility.

The good news is that the Hopkins County Jail passed a surprise inspection nearly two weeks ago from the Texas Commission on Jail Standards. The county is now awaiting a compliance certificate.

The county, however, remains under remedial order by the commission, and will remain there until the state's November meeting. At which time, Judge Millsap and Sheriff Butch Adams plan to go before the board and request the order be removed.

Millsap says the county will continue to work on a long range plan for their facility. To date, commissioners have hired an attorney to assist in development of the plan, discussed a regional or private jail facility, plus explored the option of using electronic monitoring bracelet as an alternative to housing inmates.