Hunt County still clear of H1N1 flu

Hunt County – As of Sunday night, there had still been no confirmed reports of H1N1/swine flu in Hunt County, but cases worldwide do continue to increase.

The closest confirmed cases are in the Plano ISD, where officials announced Sunday that they would shut down two more schools. Barron Early Childhood School and Sigler Elementary will close for the next two weeks, while Wilson Middle School - whose first case was reported lat Thursday - will remain closed until May 18.

This morning, 985 cases of the virus had been confirmed in 20 countries, the World Health Organization said. The number of fatalities was at 26, including one in Texas. In the U.S., the number of confirmed cases stood at 245 in 35 states early Monday.

With the exception of Collin County, no other counties bordering Hunt County have had any confirmed cases of H1N1/swine flu.