Hurricane Season starts early in the southwest

May 14, 2012

Summer makes it's first appearance as the first tropical storm forms in the Eastern North Pacific

Tropical Storm Aletta has formed in the Eastern North Pacific ocean south of Mexico. It forms a day early of the official start date of tropical storm season for the Pacific, which is May 15th. The storm isn't expected to make landfall.

For the Atlantic however, tropical storm season is still half a month away, which is good news to cities on the coast. But sometimes, tropical storms can reach North Texas.

In 2005, both Katrina and Rita made landfall on the Gulf shores and made its way up through Texas and into the region.  The storms had weakened before arrival to tropical depressions, nevertheless causing major problems to local towns.

In Commerce, Katrina caused the locally acclaimed Bois d' arc Bash to be shut down mid-day, and downtown to be evacuated. This decision was made after a sword vendor's table was hurled across the street by the wind, causing minor injuries to a patron.

Have a blessed day and stay safe!