<i> I'm so dizzy, my head is spinnin'...</i>

KETR-FM 88.9 was off the air Thursday, July 26th, because two guys climbed the tower! But they were supposed to be there.

Every 7-10 years, broadcast towers must be painted. Now that the rain has ended, Thursday (July 26) was the day for a tower crew to climb the nearly 400 foot KETR stick south of Commerce High School. This required turning off the transmitter.

Two BRAVE men at the top of the nearly 400 foot KETR broadcast tower. The rings attached to the tower, called radials, send out KETR's signal that you receive on FM 88.9. The transmitter was turned off so the tower climbers are not exposed to KETR's 100,000 watts. Photo by Robyn Hollis.

For perspective on the tower height, look at the bottom of the picture. Notice the power lines to the left, followed by tops of the trees, transmitter building, and satellite dish. To get the entire tower in a picture, you need your bifocals (or trifocals) to find the two tower climbers; one near the bottom of the tower and one near the top. Photo by KETR General Manager Bill Oliver.

Congratulations to our KETR winners who patiently waited for the tower crew to finish their work and were rewarded with KETR Pledge Class of 2007 t-shirts and our new KETR lighted keychains!