Jones: Students' Achieving at a High Level is Good for Families, Communities

Nov 7, 2012

What can higher education do to have a positive effect on the collegiate success of today's middle school and high school students? What difference does it make for our region? Dr. Dan Jones, president of Texas A&M University-Commerce, helps answer these questions and more on The President's Perpsective.

The theme of the program is collegiate success, and the first segment deals with partnerships and programs that are in the works toward a goal of helping young people to understand better the secondary and tertiary positive effects of their own potential higher education.

Continuing with this episode's theme, we welcome a guest for the second segment. Randy Van Deven is the Vice President for Institutional Advancement, and he joins the discussion to present a view from the angle of alumni and others who have achieved that collegiate success, and the many ways in which college graduates stay involved with the University. Many go on to offer scholarships and other financial means to help make college more attainable for young people in this region.

Programs like The President's Perspective are made possible my contributions from listeners and readers just like you. The program is a monthly half-hour chat with the president and CEO of Texas A&M University-Commerce, Dr. Dan Jones, hosted by Jerrod Knight.