KETR tours new Commerce City Facilities

We have some updated pictures of the new City Hall in Commerce. City manager Bill Shipp led KETR's Kevin Jefferies through a tour as the building begins to look finished and furniture is moved in.


A new tour of City Hall, and we have pictures for you. Operations should begin at the new City Hall March 12th.

A beautiful spring-like day, as the sun shines down on the New City Hall in Commerce. The clock is working, too!

Another view of the front of the building. Landscaping will be done in the areas that are now sand, and of course flags raised on the flagpole.

This picture of the area around the awnings of the building show attention to detail in the project. The stars add a definite Texas flavor, while the brick-work is meant to be reminiscent of existing buildings along the Commerce Downtown Square. Each sconce in the wall also provides ample lighting at night.

The bricks laid to form the star around the flagpole were taken directly from the newly-renovated Alamo Street that runs in front of the New City Hall. The street is in great shape, too!

This is the view one will see when entering City Hall, but it is incomplete. There will be the city's emblem, and more, decorating the reception area, which is large and inviting. On the left, City Services; on the right, City Development and the Court.

Commerce City Manager Bill Shipp opens the door into the City Council Chambers. The chambers are expected to fill numerous roles- one of which will be as the courtroom when court is in session.

The chairs are being assembled, and they will be set further back from the dias, and facing the other way. Behind the council seats, a large video screen will be installed for multimedia presentations. Each council seat also has a computer screen to view such presentations.

Bill Shipp walks around the jury area to the side of the council seats.

The executive meeting room, where the council will adjourn into executive session or hold workshops. As many of the rooms, it will serve multiple purposes as need arises.

Blueprints for the New City Hall.

The reception desk for the court.

This is a view from across the empty lots in front of the New City Hall. Soon, the city will be developing the area into a type of gathering place with plans to make the area comfortable and inviting to the public.

The information below was originally posted on January 18th, 2006.

Commerce Parks and Recreation Director Bob Mills has been instrumental in overseeing the construction of the new City Hall and Fire/Police Complex for the city. Bob was gracious enough to give KETR's new General Manager, Bill Oliver, and News Director Kevin Jefferies a tour of the facilities.

City Manager Bill Shipp told the city council in a recent meeting that the operations should begin at City Hall March 12th. Completion of the Fire/Police Complex is expected 1-2 months later.

On that preceding weekend, City Hall will make the move, and plan to be up and running in the new facilities Monday, March 12th.

The project has seen some delays overall, missing original estimates of move-in dates. However, the delays have not led to significant costs for the city (although one might expect some city staff are getting anxious to move in!).

Below are some pictures of the tour.

Fire/Police Complex

New KETR General Manager Bill Oliver is in town for two days, and already has Kevin and Bob locked in jail! Some deft climbing by Mr. Jefferies, and a whole lot of screaming their heads off, finally got the guys free from their imprisonment.

Bob Mills points out the "just for show" windows that will be covered up by bullet proof materials once the dispatch area of the Police Station is completed.

Bob points out one area in the Fire Station where one can, as he put it, "Look at all the purty red fire trucks!"

The truck bay of the Fire Station. The bay is completely drive-thru, with returning trucks entering from one side, and trucks exiting the building onto Pecan Street in Commerce. No more backing in to the bays!

City Hall

The entrance to the new City Hall. A new "atomic clock" (according to Bob) will be mounted atop the tower entrance. Rumor has it, the clock will perform special tricks come Daylight Saving Time.

The star on the entryway into City Hall. A flagpole will be placed in the middle of the star. Landscaping will also be completed by the City once construction is completed. Mr. Mills seemed to prefer something "flowery".

Bob explains how the number of windows in an office signifies just how important that person is. Three windows = pretty darn important!

The City Council Chambers. A projection screen will be mounted along the wall and the chamber can also be used as a courtroom as needed. Bob also said many other functions would likely utilize the new Council Chambers. City Council meetings should also be aired once again on Cable Channel 3 in Commerce and Cooper once the building is fully operational.

The City Manager's Office. SIX WINDOWS! Actually...NINE...there's three more windows not pictured. Now that's important!

The "atomic clock". I think Bob is trying to figure out how to wind it up.....

For more information on the new Commerce City Facilties you can contact Cuty Offices at 903.886.1100.

Or visit their website at

KETR would like to give Bob Mills a special thanks for giving us a tour of the facilities...and keeping it interesting, too.