L-3, City of Greenville Come to Agreement

Nov 7, 2012

L-3 Communications and the City of Greenville have formally ended their legal dispute.

Attorneys for L-3 filed an agreed motion Friday to dismiss its pending lawsuit, while at the same time attorneys for the city filed a motion to dismiss its appeal connected to the same suit.

The actions bring to a close almost two years of litigations and acrimony between the city of Greenville and its largest employer concerning a proposed replant of Majors Field Airport.

L-3’s motion was filed with the 354th district court. The city’s motion was filed with the Court of Appeals for the 5th judicial district of Texas in Dallas.

The original suit the L-3 filed against the city in January of 2011 sought a temporary injunction based upon a proposed replant of the airport.

In august of last year, the city filed an appeal of the 354th district Judge Richard A. Beacom’s ruling that he had jurisdiction to preside over the dispute.