Lake Ralph Hall debate continues

Fannin County – Residents voiced their dissenting opinions to the proposed Lake Ralph Hall in Fannin County in a recent public meeting with engineers, attorneys, and other professional endorsing the project. The Lake would serve primarily the Denton County area with water. The area is expected to rise in population from the current 150,000 to over a 1 million in the next 50 years.

But some residents that will be losing land when the lake is built feel as if their quiet, country life will come to an end. They also asked how revenue would be replaced once the property is taken off the tax rolls. Lake Ralph Hall is expected to take up 11,000 acres, but only 3,700 of that would be underwater. This led residents to also ask where the commercial development opportunities would be for lake front properties if there was a strip of land surrounding the lake.

Lake Ralph Hall has been in planning since 1995. The initial water use permit application for the lake was filed in 2003.