Late tax filers at it again in Texas

Apr 16, 2012

BONHAM - Since April 15 fell on a Sunday, and Monday is Emancipation Day, eleventh-hour filers can push the deadline back until Tuesday.

Steve Mohundro with McClanahan and Holmes, based in Bonham, says those that are taking advantage of the extra time this year are usually pushing the typical tax deadline every year.

"People are very consistent, for the most part, in the way they approach filing their tax returns and providing their information to a preparer," Mohundro stated. " Those who are early tend to be the earliest consistently every year and those that file extensions and/or prepare their returns very late in the tax filing season are generally the same individuals. ”

According to CNN, the IRS estimates it will receive 144 million individual tax reforms this year, 91 million of which had been sent in through the weekend.

This photo gallery through NPR displays black and white images of dejected tax filers in the early 1940’s.