Live blog of Lions football from AT&T Stadium

Sep 13, 2013

Listen at 88.9 FM or online here at, and follow our live blog of the A&M-Commerce vs. Delta State game today as well. Kickoff is 5 p.m. There will be no video stream for this game.

Postgame notes

Game story coming later tonight here at In the meantime, your numbers: Rollison 28-42-0, 320 yards, 2 TDs. Oh yeah, Deric Davis 1-1-0, 45, 1 TD. Good evening from AT&T Stadium in Arlington.


A&M-Commerce 45, Delta State 37.

"Turn out the lights..."
Credit NPR

4th 1:03

Lions ball, y'all.

4th 1:07

The Lions' "paws" team is in for the likely onside attempt. Time out, A&M-C.

4th 1:07

Not so fast. Huge run by Delta State's Ricky Hunt brings the Statesmen down to what would be the shadow of the Lions' goalposts, if there were shadows in here. Moments later, a 1-yard TD run. PAT is good and it's 45-37 with a little over a minute left. Possible onside kick coming up.

4th 3:18 

A&M-Commerce decides to take the easy three points. Martinez' field goal makes it 45-30, Lions, with three and change remaining in the fourth.

4th 3:22

Lions ball, 4th and 1 at the DSU 3-yard line. Statesmen just burned their last time out.

4th 3:51

Folks, the Texas A&M University-Commerce Lions are leading the 25th-ranked Division II team in the country, Delta State University, 42-30 late in the fourth quarter.

4th 4:47

Are the start aligning for this to actually happen? DSU lines up to punt, bad snap, Lions get the ball on downs in the Delta State red zone. 1st and 15 at the 17.

4th 4:53

A&M-C defense forces a three-and-out and Delta State will punt. Lions call a time out, their second of the half...that's odd. Wonder what's up? Maybe Carthel saw something he didn't like. 

4th 6:08

Crazy touchdown...Statesmen ball...DSU passes...interception by Ronald Fields...running it back for a pick six but fumbles while being forced out of bounds...fumble is caught in midair by Leo Migo, then carried into the end zone and it's 42-30 Lions. Did I say the defense deserves a "W" tonight? That play was insane.

4th 7:12

Lions advance the ball past midfield for the first time since nightfall. Third and 10 at the DSU 45.

4th 10:04

Big fourth down...4th and 3 for DSU at the Lions' 6. The A&M-Commerce defense comes up big with another sack-by-committee.  Wow...the D deserves a victory in this game. Offense, bring it home. Score a TD here and it's a two-possession game. 

4th 10:54

DSU's 33-yard field goal attempt goes wide...and all looks well for the Lions...but the Lions fumble and now Delta State has 1st and 10 on the A&M-C 13. 

4th 11:50

So, this "backup" quarterback Delta State has...Travis the third quarter, he was 20 of 22 for 147 yards.

4th 13:02

A break in the action at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, where the Lions lead 35-30. Delta State has 2nd and 2 at the A&M-Commerce 21. The Lions' Kristoddie Woods is hurt and there's a time out.

4th 13:30

Let's not start planning a victory parade down what's left of Monroe Street just yet...Delta State's moving the ball well once again and now it's first down Statesmen at the Lions' 29.

4th 14:52

What. Was. That. Handoff to Deric Davis...who THROWS the ball FORTY-FIVE YARDS to a wide open Stacy Howard, who was all by himself downfield, about halfway to Waxahachie. Touchdown Lions and it's 35-30.

3rd 0:00

Lions get their first third down of the third quarter with less than a minute remaining in the period. After a penalty on Delta State, Lions have 1st and 10 at the DSU 45. One quarter left, chilluns, and we have ourselves a football game

3rd 1:09

Saw that coming...touchdown run and PAT makes it Delta State 30, A&M-Commerce 28. OK offense, time to hold onto the ball for a while. This has been a brutal quarter for the Lions.

3rd 1:16

Statesmen have second and goal at the Lions' 5-yard line. Time out. We'll take it...Lions need a rest.

3rd 3:04

If you're just tuning in, the Lions lead Delta State 28-23. Great news, but A&M-C is getting banged up with injuries and the offense, which lit up the sky in the first half, has been frustrated here in the third quarter. Meanwhile, Delta State has been able to move the ball efficiently. How long can this slim lead hold up? DSU 1st and 10 at the Lions 21. Defense has been on the field way too much. They have to be weary.

3rd 3:29

Lions go three and out. A&M-C really suffering from not being able to hand the ball off and get three or four yards, put together a drive or at least help the field position situation. Can't keep giving DSU the ball near midfield. DSU 3rd and 7 at the Statesmen 46.

3rd 6:10

The Delta State offense is looking a lot more effective against the Lions in this half. Statesmen are moving the ball efficiently. DSU advances to A&M-C 32...on third and 10, a pass to a wide-open dropped. A break for the Lions. Fightin' Okra punts and the Lions get the ball back at the 14. Time for A&M-Commerce to put together a drive. Offense has been quiet this half. 

3rd: 8:03

On third and 9 at the Lions 17, Rollison to Johnson, who reels in a one-handed catch for a huge gain...but it's called back...refs said Johnson stepped out of bounds. Delta State gets the ball back at the DSU 36.

3rd 8:18

Lions ball...first and 10 at the Lions 16.

3rd 10:03

Bad development: Starting left tackle Jordan DeCorte (a 6-6, 330 junior) is hurt. He was on the turf in the end zone for a while. Left the field with assistance; looks unable to put weight on one leg. Very bad news.

3rd 11:10

Lions ball, 1st and 10 at the A&M-C 17. Source close to the Lions football team says that head coach Colby Carthel was applying a bit of, uh, encouragement to the O-line at halftime. Let's see how they respond.

3rd 11:21

Statesmen answer with a TD of their own, a 16-yard pass play, and it's 28-23. Delta State's last three possessions: field goal, fumble, TD.

3rd 13:04 

Hmm, looks like Delta State starting QB Dennis Robertson is out...replaced by Travis Champion. DSU 2nd and 7 at the Lions' 39.

3rd 14:22

Kristoddie Woods recovers a fumble and runs it in for a touchdown - whoa, no one saw that coming but him. Woods reportedly told Lions athletics department staff "I'm gonna have something for you here in a few minutes" immediately before the third A&M-C 28, DSU 16.

The A&M-Commerce band at halftime.
Credit Mark Haslett

More halftime

Numbers of note...Lions offense has 243 yards passing, negative 19 yards rushing. Take away the sacks, and the Lions have 10 yards rushing. Still not too good. On the bright side, Rollison has a crazy 243 yards passing with two TDs and no picks (knock, knock), with his longest being that 41-yard play to Vernon Johnson in the first quarter.  On D, LB Matt Claggett has six sacks. Neither side has any fumbles...looking at penalties, los Leones have 8 for 93, while los Hombres del Estado (?) have foru for 24. Defenses have been performing well on third downs: Statesmen are 3 of 10 on 3rd-down conversions, Lions are 4 of 10.


The kick is...good. And it's a five-point game. Texas A&M University-Commerce 21, Delta State University 16. We have a pretty good football game here in Arlington.

2Q 0:03

Statesmen trying a field goal from the 17...looks like about a 34-yard attempt.

2Q 1:02

Remember sports fans, y'all can open y'all's selves up a new browser tab and see live game stats right here. Thanks, Lone Star Conference!

2Q 1:44

Moving those chains...then, with third and 11 at the Lions 25, Rollison is sacked. 

2Q 3:39

Statesmen punt and Lions get the ball back at the A&M-C 4. Offense needs to get at least a couple of firsts here, just to give the D a breather and avoid gifting DSU with excellent field position.

2Q 5:00

A&M-C goes three-and-out and the Okra get the ball back at their own 22.

2Q 6:49

Air Carthel: Lions have 221 yards passing...and minus 12 yards rushing (sacks are part of that).

2Q 6:49

Statesmen come right back with a sustained drive downfield, but they stall at the 10. On fourth and 6 from the 10, DSU kicks FG to close the gap to 21-13.

2Q 8:48

Insanity! Ronald Fields with an 84-yard punt return for a TD! Lions 21, DSU 10.

2Q 10:01

First and goal at the 10 after Rollison connects with Johnson again. But a sack on second and 8 pushes A&M-C back to the 16. Third and goal from the 16...and another sack. Fourth and goal from the 25. FG attempt no the Statesmen's defensive front for that stop.

2Q 12:51

Lions aren't knocking on the door, but they've stepped onto the porch. 1st down at the DSU 27.

1Q 0:00

Sack by committee on third down forces field goal attempt - good from 36. That was a four-point play by the Lions defense, which made the best out of being put in a rough position. After one quarter, A&M-C still up by four. Lions will definitely take it. Defense looks great. Offense has looked spectacular at times, but living by the pass is living dangerously. Special teams have been iffy. Penalties are also a concern - six in the first quarter.

1Q 0:37

Attempt to run up the middle nets one yard. Pass on second down incomplete. Third and 9 from the 24, Lions come up short. Three and out. Lack of a running game is putting a lot of pressure on the passing attack. Punt ensues...then a monster return by DSU's Ricky Hunt gives the Statesmen 1st and 10 at the 15. Punt and kick returns are another area of concern for the Lions. DSU now 3rd and 9 from 14.

1Q 3:43

Fightin' Okra goes three-and-out; a booming punt gives the Lions the ball at the A&M-C 13.

1Q 4:55

Wow! Rollison to Johnson again, this time on a 41-yarder. And your unranked Lions are in front of the no. 25 Statesmen, 14-7.

1Q 5:45

Interception! Ronald Fields with the tip, Cameron Napoleon with the INT. Lions ball at DSU 36.

1Q 6:16

Another third and short. Third and goal from the 4. This time, Rollison connects with Vernon Johnson for a TD. A&M-C 7, DSU 7.

1Q 7:06

Lions sticking with the pass on this drive. Rollison to Marsh pass plus a penalty on DSU gives Lions 1st and goal at the DSU 9.

1Q 8:44

Statesmen score on a one-play drive thanks to a 40-yard pass. DSU 7, A&M-C 0.

1Q 8:52

Delta State takes over in A&M-C territory after the Lions get stuffed on 3rd and 3 at the Lions' 18. Statesmen begin with a 1st and 10 at the home team's 40. Big test for the A&M-C defense here. That failure to convert on third and short could hurt if DSU gets points here.

1Q 10:11

And the Lions' defense responds with a stop of its own, thanks to a sack-by-committee on 3rd and 7. 

1Q 11:56

Lions' first possession stalls near midfield, and the Statesmen take over for their first offensive series.

1Q 14:33

And we're underway at AT&T Stadium. If the Lions football team plays as well as the band did before the game, A&M-Commerce is set. That's one good-looking band.


The Lions will face a strong opponent today. Delta State is ranked no. 25 in NCAA Division II football. The Lions are 2-2 in the all-time series against the Statesmen, but the teams have not met for some time. Delta State defeated East Texas State 19-14 in 1994 in the schools' last meeting.

Delta State, located in Cleveland, Miss., competes in the Gulf South Conference, which includes the defending NCAA Division II National Champion, Valdosta (Ga.) State.