Local man caught with possession of ID's, insurance cards

Sulphur Springs – A Sulphur Springs business owner is arrested after police find he unlawfully possessed the personal information of hundreds of people.

The materials were found by the Sulphur Springs Police Department Tuesday after a search warrant was run at 112 Como Street. The owner of the house, Damon Dugan, was arrested after police found hundreds of photocopies of driver's licenses and insurance cards.

Dugan is said to be a car salesman in the area. According to Detective Bofox with the Sulphur Springs Police Department, the photocopies are believed to be obtained through his dealerships, which are unlawful to possess at one's home.

Dugan was charged with fraudulent possession of identifying information, a first degree felony. He was transported to the Hopkins's County Jail where bond was set at $100,000. Dugan remained in jail as of Thursday afternoon.

The arrest comes as part of a two month investigation into the selling of counterfeit purses and clothing type merchandise at a store in Sulphur Springs owned by Dugan.