Lone Oak man given probation for hit and run

Lone Oak – A Hunt County man is placed on probation for a hit and run incident from last year.

Walker Dodson, of Lone Oak, left the scene of an accident which left two people seriously injured in March, 2008. On Wednesday, Dodson was placed on 10 years probation and was ordered to complete 600 hours of community service. He had previously pled guilty to the charge of failure to stop and render assistance. He was also ordered to cover any medical costs for one of the victims not covered by insurance.

Dodson reportedly rear ending a car stopped at an intersection in Greenville, and then walked away from the crash. Shelby Wooster suffered a crushed pelvis and broken bones in both her legs, while her sister Sarah also suffered broken leg bones and a dislocated hip. An open can of beer was found in Dodson's car, who denied having been drinking and driving prior to the accident.