Making the best of a 'hostel' environment

Jul 1, 2014

Far from the glitz and tourist traps, lies a more intimate, up-close and personal means of accommodation - hostels.  Mary Clark and her family roughed it during a trip to Chile, staying in tiny rooms with bunk beds, and sharing space with strangers.

How much personal space are you accustomed to? Hostel stays get you elbow to elbow with your bunkmates at Refugio Las Torres in Chile.

Mary had not stayed in a hostel in some 40 years, so it took she and her family some adjusting to reacclimatize to the tight quarters. Sharing a small room with fellow travelers can be a humbling experience, but also a lot of fun as it turns out.

Despite the lack of big city amenities, hostel lodging offers travelers a more primitive way to catch some sleep, without having to zip up a sleeping bag in the woods.

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