Man arrested at Wills Point City Council meeting

Wills Point – A man causing a disturbance at the Wills Point City Council meeting last week was removed and arrested after questioning a council member the man accused of molesting him as a child. The Wills Point Chronicle reports former resident James Lunsford Jr., now a resident of Hollywood, California, began questioning council member Mike Jones during the public comment portion of the meeting. Lunsford said in a television interview last year that Jones had molested him for four years in the late 80's and early 90's.

Wills Point Mayor Roy Caldwell told Lunsford to direct all comments to the mayor, and when he refused, told Police Chief Ricky Willis to remove Lunsford from the chamber. Lunsford refused to leave, and was eventually forcibly removed by police. He was arrested and charged with disrupting a meeting or procession and two counts of assault on a peace officer, after officers were kicked in the scuffle with Lunsford.

Jones denied Lunsford's allegations of molestation, saying it was hurtful to him and his family. The Van Zandt District Attorney said no complaints have been filed in connection with the alleged molestation.