Man back before Wills Point City Council after arrest last month for disruption

Wills Point – A man arrested last month for disrupting a Wills Point City Council meeting returned to the council during regular session last week to calmly address his issues before the council. The Wills Point Chronicle reports the former resident James Lunsford has made accusations against Councilman Mike Jones, saying Jones molested him as a child in the late 80's and early 90's.

Lunsford stood at the podium before 40 or more people during the public comments portion of the meeting, which had been re-opened to accommodate Lunsford. Lunsford asked Mayor Roy Caldwell and the rest of the Wills Point City Council how it felt to support a man who had molested up to four children, asserted that the council was elected to deal with such issues, and said that he was a victim and the council had done nothing to protect victims of child sexual abuse.

During Lunsford's questions, Mayor Caldwell reminded Lunsford that the council could not respond during the public comment portion. He also offered to have a question and answer session with Lunsford after the meeting.

Council member Jimmy Blassingame said the council dealt with city business, and this issue was not currently city business. No legal charges had been filed and it was nothing that the council could actually govern.