Man dragged in Sulphur Springs

Sulphur Springs, TX – Sulphur Springs police are investigating a dragging incident that left a man with severe facial injuries. Officials are trying to determine if the altercation was race-related. 26 year old Christopher Wright is in a Tyler hospital after his nose was ripped off and he sustained multiple fractures, bruised lungs, and a fractured spine.

Wright was injured following a Tuesday night incident that began inside the bar at the Sulphur Springs Days Inn motel. Authorities said Wright, who is black, was in the bar waiting to take home his girlfriend, who is white, and who is a bartender. Authorities said Wright and 24 year old Judson Weaver, who is white, were told to leave the bar after a verbal altercation.

Wright's girlfriend said Weaver made a comment how a pretty white girl like her should not be seen with Wright, using a racially derogatory term to refer to Wright.

When Wright and his girlfriend went outside, Weaver was reportedly in his vehicle and he spit on Wright. Wright then took a swing at the man, then Weaver grabbed Wright's arm and hit the accelerator. Wright was dragged 40 feet down a highway until he slammed into a median.

Weaver turned himself in to authorities Wednesday night and is now out of jail after posting a $50,000 bond.