Man seeking new sentencing trial in connection with shooting of high school coach

Canton – A man sentenced to 20 years in prison for the shooting of a Canton High School football coach is seeking a new trial on the issue of punishment. Jeff Doyal Robertson was found guilty of assault with a deadly weapon for the 2005 shooting of then coach and athletic director Gary Joe Kinne. Robertson received the maximum 20 years for the crime, with a concurrent sentence of 10 years for carrying a weapon in a prohibited place.

Robertson was not found guilty of aggravated assault on a public servant, for which he could have received life in prison.

The motion filed seeking a new trial alleges, among other things, that the sentence was contrary to law and evidence, and that the jury was not fair and impartial in the sentencing.

Coach Kinne lost 80% of his liver in the shooting. After a highly successful season last year with Canton, Kinne moved on to become an assistant coach with Baylor University.