Man takes hostages, holds police off in Bonham

Bonham – A 50 year old disabled Bonham man has been arrested after a stand-off Monday night. Thomas Eugene Foster said he was trying to get police to kill him after he took several hostages at a Taco Bell-KFC restaurant in Bonham. He allegedly told the hostages he had a gun and would kill them all.

When police arrived, they saw the people inside with their arms raised in the air, and police surrounded the restaurant. Foster began letting hostages go, and police eventually approached the front door and confronted him. Foster had been holding his hand behind his back as if he had a weapon, but police discovered he did not, and found no weapon in the restaurant after a search.

Foster allegedly told police he had terminal cancer and had less than two months to live. He also had a blood alcohol content of .171, many times the legal limit. He is charged with six counts of aggravated kidnapping and public intoxication.