Martin to serve multiple sentences

Jul 15, 2013

The Delta County escape artist Cecil Eldon Martin answered guilty in response to all of Judge Eddie Northcutt’s readings of his charges.

Martin pled guilty on all 12 cases from Delta, Hopkins and Franklin Counties on Friday afternoon.

For his escape in Delta County  in December 2012, Martin will serve 10 years. The 23-year old faced felony charges ranging from residential burglaries, vehicle burglaries, theft and possession of a firearm and stealing. For the two burglaries in Hopkins County he will serve two 20-year, stacked sentences.

“This is a serious win for law enforcement and the people of these three counties. Because of the hard work of all those involved, we have been able to save a great deal of money and countless hours of court proceedings,” said Eighth Judicial District Attorney Will Ramsay. “[Martin] pled to the maximum in every case with the two heaviest cases running consecutively with the charge for the escape out of Delta County to be stacked on top of the Hopkins County cases.”

Delta County Sheriff Ricky Smith took office just following Martin’s spree. Martin was charged for a total of five felonies in Delta County.

Sheriff Ricky Smith said, “I am extremely proud of the efforts of our District Attorney Will Ramsey, and our District Judge Eddie Northcutt. Their efforts demonstrate our criminal justice system will hold criminals accountable for their actions. This particularly helps reinforce the message in Delta County, if you commit a crime in our county be prepared to pay with significant judicial consequences.”

Area law enforcement is being commended for their work to bring this case to a prompt close.

“We have made a commitment to try the cases that need to be tried and juries have answered with stiff verdicts,” added Attorney Ramsay. “I believe this plea is a direct result of the tough stance we've taken since January 1.”

Martin was represented by William Howard McDowell last Friday in the Hopkins County courtroom.

After escaping the authorities following a theft at a residence on County Road 4230 on Dec. 3, 2012, in an unmarked Delta County Sheriff's Office vehicle, Martin was finally captured again on Dec. 7 in Dallas County. State Troopers, Dallas Tollway officers, Sachse Police and others were crucial in the capture and identification of Cecil Martin, who was wanted for six warrants in Delta County, 52 in Hopkins, one in Franklin and now several in Dallas counties.